December 4, 1997

From the Benchrest List:

While talking to Mr Perry in personal email I found he knew a thing or two about moly.  He mentioned to me that he developed a new moly process.  After asking him a question or two he forwarded me the message below.  With his permission I repost to you for questions or comments.

MOLY-FISION(TM) that was mentioned in Varmint Hunter #23, by Ken Howell, as Moly-Bond on page 172.  My
company "builds" this patented product, and since a lot of product was shipped through VHA... it figured this group
would have some T&E data from users.

The product makes a covalent bond.  Just touching MOLY-FISION(TM), in very small amounts on steel (most
types so far).  The bond shows an 85%+ reduction in dynamic friction, and 47% less friction in static measures.
Looks to be a promising step out of the "dark ages" of Molydisulfide mixtures and powders.  The new technology is reactive at the atomic level, molybdenum phosphorus (non-corrosive), and is in an easy to apply liquid.  Bullets,
bores, dies, triggers and many other uses are being tried... with results.

Shooters News has an upcoming article, by John Taylor.  The folks at Pacific Cryo are beginning treatment with MOLY-FISION, by use of their "cold application".  Shooters will be writing the data, no adverts [not advertisers],
this is new technology.

W."L.R." P.

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