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Teaching your youngsters to shoot:

Does any oldtime fathers have advice for me? My 4 year old son is a dead shot the first time out! I took him and the pellet gun out for a familiarization and safety teaching. and in 5 min. he was almost able to outshoot me with it(open sights). my question is what should I do to promote him being better? when the first shot dropped low he imediately compensated without any advice or help, he is a super natural at it and I do not even know what I am trying to ask specifically, but I feel he could go so far and want to give him the best help and advice possable. So, any advice and answers to unasked questions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Thanks all,

Mark <>
S.L.C., Utah USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 17:21:17 (EST) 

Mark - Let your youngen shoot when he wants to and don't make a big deal out of it. Don't try to put him on a regimen until he wants to go on one. And that probably won't happen for awhile yet. He probably will find something more interesting that will take his attention now and then. Again don't make a big deal out of it. Just "allow" an opportunity for him to shoot now and then. This way he will find it fun and not a "job". The reson I state this is because my daughter was a natural when she was very young and I pushed too hard. She lost all interest for years. When she went to collage, the interest came back and she was the team captain.

Rick <>
Fayetteville, NC USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 18:16:38 (EST) 

Mark, Learn from this experience about teaching a new shooter as you only get one chance at a unformatted disk.

I was shooting air pistols in an indoor range at Parris Island one day with our coach and my wife dropped by. I gave her my pistol and she drilled by gawd X rings and 10's. Excitedly I asked our coach to spend some time with her as I thought this might be a good way to get her into shooting (and make her expand the non existant gun budget.)

Well after he spent an hour telling her about the fundamentals, position etc. she could never do it again. I think he had made it sound too hard for her and it was supposed to be hard to shoot.

Lesson learned is make sure he doing things right without taking the fun and spontanaity out of it. If he is hitting center then he must be doing it right. Big things is to make sure that the things he is doing are fundamentaly sound so that as he goes on into more precision shooting that he has a good foundation. If you need a good reference track down a copy of USMC FMFM 1-3 or FMFM 0-8. They have changed the FMFM part now but some places still sell the FMFM's. The NRA has some good books n the fundamentals too.

gooch <>
USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 18:49:25 (EST) 

Gooch, Rick
Thanks for the sound advice I was thinking about a regiment, guess I'll skip that thing and get the FMFM manual since we all know the USMC is the best, and go from there. I greatly appreciate the advice, Thanks again guys

Mark <>
S.L.C., Utah USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 19:20:14 (EST) 

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