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Scope rings - Building your own:

As and aside, I've always been intrigued about building scope rings. Last winter I happened upon several aluminum blocks approx. one inch thick. I faced them off and glued them together with Devcon. Proceeded to "bore" the 1.003" hole (long story) and then carved off all the extraneous material. These rings are to specifically fit the Colt™ flattop receivers (Picatinny) and position the centerline of the scope EXACTLY over the centerline of the Picatinny rail. My methodology was to use a combination of Stolle™ type rings with Weaver™ style bases. These are split bases with set screws to solidly clamp the bases over the rail. Not a separate clamping piece (hard to describe in print). Early-on it was decided that this method would be the best way to ensure that the scope tube would be centered over the receiver. I have to question the ability of normal rings to do this because there is a difference in width between Weavers and Picatinnys' bases. The Weavers are narrower BTW.

Food for thought: If your scope is not exactly centered above the bore then you are shooting across the bore line. Zero up at say 300 yds and at 600 you will be off windage wise. Not good if you are a tactical shooter with no room for error……. When I milled out for the Picatinny base it was a snug slip fit over the receiver base. No room for error here. This is the way all rings should fit. One ring for Weaver's and one for real Picatinny's (even though they look similar). Two piece clamp-on bases would be OK as long as the differences would be accounted for. I did write to the Picatinny arsenal to try to find out the specifics of the Picatinny base, but without results.

BTW, I've always had a craving to build my own rings. Now that I've done it, I do NOT want to do it again. I stop counting the hours at 20. Has to be at least 30, I'm sure. Another expensive lesson. I'm getting smarter.

Lest anyone think (assume) that I have had military service I want to straighten that out. I had a slight affiliation with R.O.T.C. back in the '60s, but that was it. I'm just an ordinary NRA target shooter with a common sense (I think) approach to rifle building and accuracy. I don't want to mislead anyone and hope that I haven't in the past.

One day I'll write a piece on some of the problems I've found with my four Leupold's. Maybe yours are perfect,………but mine aren't. More food for thought.

That is about all the bandwidth that I want to use up for now.

Ron N. <>
Ohio USA - Thursday, November 05, 1998 at 02:22:53 (EST) 

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