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Scopes - Choice/style of reticles:

Why all the talk of civilians (non LE types) getting a mil-dot scope? Everybody (it seems) wants a mil-dot scope. To do what? To shoot varmints?Another is that 1 out of 4 of self described new guys asking what rifle to get is told xyz rifle with some sort of tacticle scope.Thats like getting the best fishing pole to catch perch with and probably not understanding how to use it anyway.Recticles have different purposes and uses. Why would one buy a combination made to kill men when in reality all they want to do is punch paper and they are better off with a target scope or varmint recticles. These are retorical questions and need no answer just remember the next time someone (a new guy to shooting) asks what mil-dot scope to get that they might be better suited to another scope.
Bill <>
Central, Ny, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 02:36:40 (ZULU) 

Sorry about fella's (the above post), I got juiced off awhile ago and decided to vent a little bit here.

Prozac is needed in huge quantities!
Bill <>
central, ny, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 02:59:33 (ZULU) 

Bill M.,

Aren't most the guys here interested in Sniper Rifles? I think maybe that is why most folks suggest a MilDot Reticle. I tried some different scopes and reticles, but finally settled on a MK4 M1 with the Mildot. When it comes to rifles and scopes,I believe in getting the best you can afford, then work on becoming a skilled marksman. I use it for Long Range known distance shooting, Varmint Hunting, and just starting to shoot some Tactical/Sniper matches of known and unknown distances. It works great. I was going buy a laser range finder, but for now I'll spend that money on training.
Bill Bledsoe <>
Shelbyville, KY, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 03:41:57 (ZULU) 

Bill M.,

Hey it gave me something to write about. It's good to vent it something has you going buggy!
I see guys at the range who have genuine sniper rifles ( a real M24 ) and don't know anything about it. They shoot it once or twice a year. The damn thing cost them nearly $6000. Duh? Collectors I guess.

Bill Bledsoe <>
Shelbyville, KY, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 03:49:31 (ZULU) 

Bill @ Borg: The reason most civies (myself included) on this site want the mil-dot is because for whatever reason, they are trying to learn the ropes of "long range target interdiction" or sniping. At least, that's what is usually assumed since it's not! There are some practically automatic perspectives because of the nature of the site. Other sites or lists may automatically recommend the opposite gear!

Your point is still valid though, whenever people get onto Duty Roster and say "What's the best scope?" the answer should always be "Well, what's it for?" Sometimes the answer to that might be "I'm an LE sniper in an urban area" or sometimes it might be "I want a sniper rifle I can also hunt deer with in the woods near my house. That said, most folks on this site seem to end up wanting the Mil-Dot.

When you get your Prozac, be sure to share it with us. :)

Dave <>
San Jose, CA, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 04:08:33 (ZULU) 

Bill; Yes Stoned one! Let's keep the records straight. A mil dot measures distance like a yard stick and a tape measure. It is not designed to kill people. Only People kill People. Don't you read bumper stickers? First I knew that tactical shooters have a monoply on computing range. When I zero in on a target the thought does cross my untactical mind that I would like to know the distance to the target. Every scope with a cross hair does the same thing. The Mil-dot just has more points of reference. Of course only tactical shooters have the mental capacity to operate such a complicated device. (That's why the mil-dot master was invented you know thus allowing all the math challenged Varmint shooters to operate such a complex device lest he miss a range estimate and shoot his foot off.
B.Rogers <>
USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 04:45:09 (ZULU) 
B.Rogers. Well I won't disagree with anything you said, in fact I'm for you buying anything you want.

Myself, I don't own a sniper rifle. My 700 VS 308 is what it is, a heavy varmint rig. Topped with a scope suited to its purposes, target. I suppose that if I hunted more I would use a scope for that purpose. But I doubt that I could justify a mil-dot scope for praire dogs.

As a matter of fact I was just reading on Springfield Armory's site about their hunting scopes. They have a nice ranging system

Bill M

Bill <>
Central, Ny, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 17:12:49 (ZULU) 

I like you could not see much use for the mil dot until I got one. the mil dots are very good references for hold over and lead and thats if you dont use it for range finding and Bruce has made that easy with the Mil Dot Master, before knocking it, you may want to give it a try, as they say, "Try it you might like it".
Pat <>
USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 17:29:53 (ZULU) 
Whats the squabbling over Mil-Dots, ain't nobody else ever used a duplex and bracketed for range? I'm certainly "Tactically Challenged" and see nothing sinister about Mil-Dots, duplex reticles or any means of rangefinding.
Ask Dick or Chris Thomas how many mil-dot reticles they've installed in scopes for them thar fancy bb guns used for Silhouette and Field Target in the past decade.

BIG CITY, bY-gAwD, USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 18:16:41 (ZULU) 

I am short on time so i'll just toss in a few words. You all have covered it pretty well.
Mil-dot is just a duplex with more precision. If you can learn to range with a duplex for deer, using a mil-dot is just more precise. Do you need it for deer? Hardly. Is it nice to have when you see the deer of a lifetime at 475 yards? Absolutely. But like someone said, this is a "sniper" site so we kind of lean toward that kind of gear. It don't mean a thang.

Scott <>
USA - Monday, February 08, 1999 at 19:48:50 (ZULU) 

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