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What a refreshing treat to find this board, actually someone on
the net that talks my language, and a lot of good info too.
In the past couple of days I picked up a Rem 700 P, 308 and had a
Nightforce NP1-RR 8-32x56 mounted on a one peice twist off base.
The shop was out of the Harris bipods, so that is on order. Muzzle
blast reduction and redirection, well that will come out of my shop.
If I don't like the NP1 scope, I will change it for a Sheperd or
US optics. Has anyone here had any experience with the
Nightforce scope. I would apprerciate coments good or bad.
Good board Guys, I really like it.

Thor <>
Conyers, Georgia, USA - Tuesday, February 02, 1999 at 01:57:35 (ZULU) 


I own a 8-32x56 with an NP-R2 ranging reticle, I have nothing but
good things to say about them. I was seriously debating over that scope or the Leupold M4 M1 16x42. The local .50 cal shooters and some of our local police snipers were trading in their old tactical scopes and M4's in favor of these scopes. They were doing it for two reasons,
first, the Leupolds don't track as well as Nightforce scopes with the coil springs, and second, some of the guys were having problems with the M4's breaking down under the force of the .50's, the Nightforce scopes weren't doing that. Their field of view is a little less than the Leupolds because of flatter glass, but Leupolds optical clarity doesn't even come close, these scopes are right there with the Swarovski's & Zeiss's in terms of clarity. There big and bulky, but there strength, tracking and clarity is unmatched. Oh yea, mine is a 98 model.

Casey <>
Nowhere, NV, USA - Tuesday, February 02, 1999 at 06:27:58 (ZULU) 

Good Evening Folks,
Thanks Guys for the info on the Nightforce NP1 scope, got the
same info from a couple of other places, so i tend to think its right
on. I did call Nightforce today, and talk to one of their tech folks,
and to my suprize he said sure that they would send me all the tech
spec's on the NP1, and a catalog of all the accessories. No problem
getting parts or service, just call.

Thor <>
Conyers, Georgia, USA - Wednesday, February 03, 1999 at 02:18:46 (ZULU) 

By the way, for folks that have a Nightforce NP-1 scope, take a
pair of dark sunglasses to the range to shoot with on a bright day.
The light gathering charicteristics of this scope make it almost too
bright to use on a bright day when the sun is not at your back.

Thor <>
Conyers, Georgia, USA - Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 06:40:49 (ZULU) 

Even though the Nightforce NP1 8x32-56 scope is too big for
tactical use, and rapid target aqusition is limited by the narrow
field of view and short depth of focus, the scope set on x32
took any guess work out of zeroing the weapon. Even with
the trigger causing shots to be pulled, it was simply dial it in at
100 meters. The pencil width cross lines on the standard 100
meter zeroing target stood out bright and clear in the scope.
My shooting partner may put a Nightforce scope on his 6mmPPC
Rugar M77, replacing his Leupold. He has a few years and his
eyes are not as good as they once were, but he found yesterday
that he could see the frayed edges of the holes in the taget with
my scope, and could not do that with his good spotting scope,
nor his Leupold.

Thor <>
Conyers, Georgia, USA - Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 15:02:02 (ZULU) 

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