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Help!, I have invested a good amount of money in a custom rifle project, the rifle shoot's excellent is chambered in .308 and is everything that I want it to be. I have come to the point now where it
is time to decide what kind of a PERMANENT scope base I want to put on the rifle. I want this rifle to be absolutely "bullet proof", I have decided that it's going to be purchased from D.D. Ross. Dan Ross offers a number of mounts and after talking to him he suggests that I buy his mount with one front recoil shoulder and 8x40 screws, this mount is $185, here is the question, I have had my heart set on purchasing his mount that is clip slotted to Marine Corp spec., this mout is $225 plus $200 for the machining of the receiver, I made up myu mind in the begining of this project that money was not going to be an issue. I want to be able to dish out years and years of harsh field use without even having to blink about the durability of the weapon. What are the pro's & con's of having a clip slotted mount?, is it just totally overkill?, does anybody have any advice regariding this issue?.

Casey <>
Reno, Nevada USA - Friday, November 06, 1998 at 02:21:52 (EST) 

Casey : I have another alternative for you. It is the Badger Ordnance Maximized Scope Rail (#306-06). We will have a review of it up very shortly. It retails for $145 and is rock solid. It is as strong as anything I have ever seen. In fact it looks a lot like the D.D. Ross except that is has 15 slots instead of 12. It is a tapered mount of 20 MOA and it extends out over the recoil lug a little. I believe the DD Ross does also. Either of these mounts sound good but I would not go to all the trouble with the Clip Slot mount. The .308 just doesn’t generate all that much recoil. Not enough to justify the extra couple of hundred dollars anyway. Both the DD and the Badger mounts have the integral recoil shoulder in the front and this is plenty sufficient to deal with the .308 win. Put your extra $200++ toward good glass.
Scott <>
USA - Friday, November 06, 1998 at 13:00:20 (EST) 


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