Dragunov - Followup comments

About the dragunov
Let's forget five minutes the cold war and the "all the Russians have built is rubbish".

Who has opened and dismounted a Russian Mosin Nagant Sniper?

    I have done and do you know what I have found, that in the 30's the Russian had already a free floating barrel and an action not touching the wood. Because they had small pieces of steel under the action so it doesn't touch the wood. And when you screw or unscrew a little bit the front screw, the group size get smaller or bigger. When did in the West had we our first sniper rifle with a floating barrel?  Something like 25 years later.

    So the successor of the Mosin Nagant Nniper designed for accuracy is the Dragunov. And it is build on a system that you don't know in the US, in the states you use the big heavy barrel system. The Russian and others do use the light barrel with a muzzle brake- vibration compensator to obtain accuracy, and it works.

    So can you think seriously that they have not worked on the Dragunov has they have worked on the Mosin Nagant Sniper.

    Two tips that will show you that I am not telling lies. The ammo for the Dragunov, sniper grade ammo is manufactured by the factory number 188, ant it always has a brass case.

    The bayonet on the Dragunov is used for the extreme range shots using the two or three arrows in the scope. When you are at the maximum range on the turret, you fix the bayonet on and you can use these arrows for 200 meters more.

    In the 60's in a world championship the Russian team had been removed from the firing point because they were firing the Mosin Nagant with the bayonet on, on further examination, the bayonet was perforated with many holes so it worked on a good vibration system, they do the same with the Dragunov.
Never Forget, it is not because it was not made in the USA that it doesn't exist.

Philippe Mullot.

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