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Remington M77:

To all you long stick experts, what would be the best upgrade i could do to my rifle?? It's a Remington M77 sportsman, chamered in 223, it shoots consistant groups of 1 1/2 at a 100 yrds. The scope is just a Tasco 4x 32mm objecive.and i was shooting of a bipod. so thats all right, but I would like to get it down to say 3/4" so it would be quite acurate at like two and tree hundred yards.

Joshua Belokur <>
USA - Tuesday, December 08, 1998 at 21:51:00 (EST) 

Joshua: The first thing you could do it a trigger job. These run about $30 to $45. Donít go below three pounds. The second thing to do to a stock rifle is to re-crown it with a decent target crown. The rifle may or may not need this but the trigger can always use work. Crown job is cheap so it is worth it. I saw a new rifle with a good size ding in the crown. Always check it. Eventually you might look into having the action bedded. If your Model 78 Sportsman was like mine, the factory stock worked pretty well. When I put the action in an aftermarket stock I noticed NO difference in accuracy. But that may be rare. Yours could be all ate up. But the very first thing I would do if I were you would be to dump that scope. Back in the good old days I went through a whole series of department store scopes for my deer rifle before I settled on one that worked well (Bushnell Trophy, 3-9x40mm). Sad to say, but in optics you get EXACTLY what you pay for and anything much less than $100 ainít worth the material it is made of. This alone could account for the average groups you are seeing. Cheap $60 scopes do not track well or hold zero for very long. A case could be made that if you want a good set up, you should try to save and spend as much on the glass as you did for the rifle. Not everyone can do that so split the difference. Spend Half as much on the scope as you did the rifle. That will at least get you out of the junk promotional glass range and into some mid-line hunting optics. That Trophy I mentioned has a lot to offer for the hunter. Very clear, holds its zero for its intended purpose and retails for about $110. I would consider it the bottom of the usable scope choices. The thing to remember at all times when buying something: If it is mediocre now, it will remain so forever. In a year, you will only end up replacing it for something better. You may as well do it right from the start and save the wasted money! It may take longer to put together the rifle you want but instant gratification usually results in bad choices and lost cash. Sorry, I know this wasnít the direction of your question, but the scope really could be your culprit. I had a junk 32mm Bushnell that changed zero between each shot!!!

Scott <>
USA - Tuesday, December 08, 1998 at 23:46:47 (EST) 

The Model 78 is a pretty fair rifle for the price and can be made to shoot quite well. Like Scott said get better optic's you cant hit what you cant see. Then go with the lighter trigger and if that doesn't improve it you might try bedding it. Good luck let us know how you come out.

Pat <>
USA - Wednesday, December 09, 1998 at 11:36:05 (EST) 

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