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Computing range to target:

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I just thought I would present this method of calculator - aided range measurement that I used with mil dots before I bought my MilDot Master.

Many times I found myself ranging on objects that measured less an one yard in size. So, instead of MULTIPLYING the size of the object by one thousand and then dividing by the target's mil dot size, I DIVIDED the size of the target, in inches, by 36 with the use of a calculator, then divided that number by the taget size in mil dots and ignored the decimal points. This gave me my range in yards.

For example; (Here's an easy one.)

The shooter knows the object he is ranging measures 18 inches.
The object's mil dot size is two. Divide 18 (inches) by 36 (inches). The result is .50. Now, he divides that .50 by 2 (mils) and gets a result of .250. Ignore the decimal point, and the answer is 250 yards to target. This method seems to work well in an inhabited environment where there are many standard - sized objects to range from. I just had a little reference list of ordinary objects and their sizes. But, as I say, I now use a MilDot Master!

Scott (T.O.O.)
PA USA - Saturday, November 14, 1998 at 13:58:57 (EST) 

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