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NSW Sniper Log Book

SC council: Can I make negative remarks here about something thats in the review that I'm sorry I bought, and don't want others to waste money on?

Al B.
Uncle Nunzio's Newphew <>
N.Y. USA - Monday, October 12, 1998 at 21:42:33 (EDT)

I would like to comment on the NSW log book I bought last week.Good points first: Well made zippered case and a good refrence page for mil height/target size.

Bad points:
1. My biggest bitch is the paper it's made of,(Dupont Tyvek)damn near impossible to write on with pencil in dry conditions never mind wet.

2.The pages are to small to get any useful info on. Thats why we have dope books right?

3. The mildot master fits but just barely.

4. For $85 there should be some more hard data in it other than a two inch by two inch square of wind observations that on the bottom says 20 mph+ "DOPE BOOK BLOWS AWAY!" (Hey these guys need to go to SMTC so Rod can show them that targets CAN be hit at 700+yards in 30 mph winds).

This is my opinion and you all know what their like, some of you might like it,but I was expecting alot more for the money. OK I'm done venting.

Uncle Nunzio's Newphew <>
USA - Tuesday, October 13, 1998 at 20:10:20 (EDT)

D. West here. I talked to Al.B about the NSW log book and fully agree with him. Yea, it looks all cute with the compass, black zippered case and a partridge in a pair tree, etc... And this is a question that I've been bugging some of you about. Where can a good, tough, dependable log book be purchased? Something that extra charts can be added into or taken out of. Room to store goodies like the Mil-Dot Master, compass, calculator, etc... But most of all, something that can take the abuse of going to Storm Mountain for two weeks,and still get used often while on duty. Hey, this is one part of your gear that needs to be paid close attention to.
D.West <>
Orland Park, IL USA - Tuesday, October 13, 1998 at 22:28:06 (EDT)

NSW log book: Yes, the Mil-Dot Master barely fits, but it fits. It also will hold the many items D. West wants it to and then some, and charts can be added and removed. I do agree that the thing is overpriced(!) and that the wind data is certainly not ideal.

I rather like the Tyvek sheets, I write on them with a pen and it works great. I'd use a pencil if I had to, but not normally, although I had no trouble using pencil (Al maybe try softer lead?)... The best thing about this paper is that unlike normal paper it won't fray, tear, and fall apart if it gets wet and as Gooch pointed out the data is *very* important and should be protected. I bought mine to be used as a log book, not a field book (which is partially an optimized set of data taken from the log book, etc.) but protected under cordura and with waterproof/tearproof pages so when it does go someplace unpleasant it should be up for it. This is definitely the toughest unit I've seen.

As previously mentioned, there is probably no such thing as an ideal book for any given user that can be bought commercially. There are obviously a lot of different wants and needs. For example, how many people want their "logbook" to be able to hold a calculator? How many want a logbook that's much bigger than the NSW unit?

I don't think the NSW book is ideal either, but it's the best thing I've seen for what I want. Obviously, Al's mileage has varied and I hope my review didn't mislead you somehow Al.

Dave <>
San Jose, CA USA - Tuesday, October 13, 1998 at 23:35:53 (EDT)

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