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Laser Rangefinders:

Opinions wanted from those who have used or know about the Simmons Lasermag 800 Rangefinder. I can't afford a Leica Geovid, and wonder if the Simmons is equivalent, etc. vs. the Bushnell, Tasco, or Weaver. Have only seen magazine articles on Geovid and Bushnell.

Thanks for your input. BTW, the price of the Simmons, thru Midway dealer catalog, is just $200. (If they don't have any left if/when I call to order, I bet I know why...)

one shot, one Bill <>
Livermore, CA USA - Wednesday, October 28, 1998 at 15:40:55 (EST) 

Bill - Rangefinders: I have a Bushnell 800 and several of my friends have the Tasco version. The Bushnell "seems" to be a bit easier to get a range on low reflectivity targets in bright sunlight and it has a red "nightlight" feature that makes the display readable in low light conditions. The Tasco and Simmons don't have the nightlight. The Bushnell is more expensive, but its really a personal choice as to whether it's worth the extra $$$. I prefer mine, but then I bought it before the Tasco and Simmons were widely available. I have ranged up to 970 meters with my Bushnell and 761 yards with a friends Tasco; however, both targets were fairly reflective and weren't in direct sunlight.

Mike O'Brien <>
Evansville, WY USA - Tuesday, November 03, 1998 at 23:05:53 (EST) 

To All,
Has anyone had any experience with the new Weaver 850yd range finder?? If so how does it compare to the Bushnell 800?? Any info would be appreciated.

Pat <>
USA - Friday, November 13, 1998 at 13:21:33 (EST) 

I've been trying to find out about the Weaver 850 range finder because they have a real good deal on them also but no one seems to have used them or know's much about them, so I called the factory tech dept. They said both theirs and Simmons are made by the same company and that they both compare to the Bushnell in quality and range function. They did say that their's has a smaller beam by one milradian (or something like that) so it may have less interference. The guy I talked to use's one and said real life practical use is 450yds with that range going on up to 950yds depending on the size and reflectability of the target and this is what I found with the Bushnell's. I hope this help's you out.

Pat <>
USA - Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 13:44:34 (EST) 

Some Reviews:

-Bushnell Rangefinder 400 - Piece of junk after 350 yards.Tryed ranging cows (big damn cows). Did good up to 350. After that it said that the cows were not good target quality. Get what you pay for I guess.
Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.

Bolt <>
USA - Wednesday, November 25, 1998 at 22:17:27 (EST) 

A friend had a Tasco range finder and he dumped it, said it was "JUNK" and then bought the Bushnell. I've got a friend who is a prediator control officer field testing my Weaver right now I'll let you know how it does, what little I played with it, it's as good as the Bushnell for $200 bucks cheaper.
Pat <>
USA - Friday, December 11, 1998 at 12:35:21 (EST) 

The range finder worked great in the morning and as the sun got brighter it cut down on what I could range. Things it worked on in the morning it would not pick up in the afternoon. I figure everthing it ranges puts me that much further ahead than not having one and if you keep realistic expections for what it is, it's a great tool to have and if it doesn't range it your no worse off than than before. Not like the Lica's but then we don't have $2500 to $3000 in them either(HA)
Pat <>
USA - Monday, December 14, 1998 at 14:08:52 (EST) 

I've been playing with my Weaver rangefinder and found many of your comments correct regarding morning/afternoon/evening use. I'm not unhappy with the Weaver, but was curious if you've compared your Weaver rangefinder to the Bushnell at similar distance and circumstance. I originally had plans to buy the Bushnell, but found a great deal on the Weaver from Natchez. So.... I saved myself $200 smackers. Comments?
Zee <>
Derbytown, KY USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 15:17:45 (EST) 

I haven't yet, but I will after the first of the year. I can get a Bushnell 800 and I will compare the two side by side. If I had gotten the Weaver before using a Bushnell I would have been disapointed also. I had used a Bushnell after using a Lica and you couldn't give me the Bushnell after that, but when reality set in and I used the Bushnell with the right frame of mind it wasn't great but not all that bad under the right condition's. From having used both I would say that from memory (and that's not great anymore) they are pretty comparatable and that is more or less what the Weaver Tec guy said when I talked to him. I'll keep you posted and if you get a chance let me know what you find out.

Pat <>
USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 16:52:15 (EST) 

RE: Laser Rangefinders

I just got my Bushnell 800 and zapped a couple of targets real quick in the twilight to make sure it works. Man, does it work! I ranged a house at 706 yards, so I imagine I can get honest 800 yard readings, given the right circumstances. The kicker is, I paid $339.95 plus shipping ($11.95 for priority) from Cabela's net page. The catalogue lists them at $399, and the local gun shop sells them for $450!!! I called to double check the price, and the phone girl said that Cabela's runs some internet specials like that sometimes, SO, I figured the 800 is plenty good enough for me at that price. There is another rangefinder on the civilian market that ranges out to 2 k, but the thing costs $1,500! I think I'll be real happy with the 800.
Scott (T.O.O.)
PA USA - Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 20:29:38 (EST) 

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