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Read your review of the Tasco binocs and have to agree... I have a pair of the OS54's, and they are far better than the name "Tasco", or the price should have them be.
The odd reticle is because it is in Degrees, not mils... and one degree = 62.82 inches at 100yds, so the 1/5th ticks = 12.56 inches, or 12 moa (the same MOA we use in scopes).

USA - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 00:36:24 (ZULU) 

I was told that Steiner makes a pair of bins that are 8x30, and have one mil grads on the reticle, Steiner says that they are for police, military, and hunters... for use with "Popular range finding scopes"... maybe they want to stay away from the "Tactical" stigma.
If they are as described, they might be just the ticket for spotters...

USA - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 00:36:24 (ZULU) 


Steiner makes the Military and Marine Binoculars. They are offered in several different models. I have the 8x30 Predator version. It has a little higher contrast coating on the lens. They don't have the range finding reticle installed. That feature may be on the 8x50 version. These don't have a center focus knob like most binos I have used, but instead each eye piece has it own focus ring. According to the manual, once the focus is set to 60meters you don't have refocus for different ranges. I find that to be true out to about 500-600 meters, then I need to tweak the focus just a smidge to get optimum resolution. Over all, they are worth the $240 they cost me. Of course they are rubber armored and water proof/fog proof. Nice and compact too.

Bill Bledsoe <>
Rural Shelby County, KY, USA - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 04:25:09 (ZULU) 

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