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Ballistics - 223 loads and bullets:

Just remember, always put safety first.
DO NOT accept a load provided here, or anywhere else, without reserve.  Take into account that it may not be safe in YOUR rifle, or that there could have been a typing mistake.  Always refer to you reloading manuals, and if you afterwards JUST HAVE TO use somebody else's loads, always reduce by at least 10% and work up in YOUR rifle, under YOUR circumstances.

I just placed an order for a Savage 112 FV (almost identical to the 110 FP) in .223. I know,I can just hear you all now, "A SAVAGE ! Oh YUCK !" (just kidding).

Anyway, I'm a Remington fan through and through but the Savage was such a good deal I couldn't or wouldn't pass it up.I paid $475 Canadian (@ $300 American) for it.The Savage also had the 1/9 twist rate that I wanted most of all and the Remington VS has only the 1/12 twist.Eventhough I feel the overall quality of the Remington VS is far superior to the Savage 112 FV, I felt the 112 FV represented a better value in my mind for what I wanted this rifle for.By the way a Remington VS will run you about $800 up here.

I know some of you guys out there have 110 FP's or FV's in this calibre and I would appreciate any help with some recomended loads with the following bullets:

68 gr. Hornady Match
69 gr. Sierra Match
75 gr. Hornady A-Max

If any lighter bullets work for you (50-64 gr.) please let me know as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jeff Babineau <>
Truro, N.S. Canada - Friday, December 18, 1998 at 11:10:11 (EST) 

Jeff B. regarding a good shooting load for the 69 gr. Sierra,

I loaded for several match grade weapons for YEARS, and damn if didn't discover (in my Prarie Pooch bustin dayz in Gillette WY with a radical AR match weapon) that friggin Black Hills in SD can load
their 69 gr. "match" stuff in blue boxes of 50 that will shoot as
good as my handloads. I damn near cried.

Anyway, the best I ever "made" to approach the Black Hills with the
Sierra 69 was with 24.0 gr. of BLC-2, a Federal 205m match primer,
fl resize, trim, ream. laq. seal. yadayada... Set OAl at 2.230????
near Blue Eye, Arkansas USA - Friday, December 18, 1998 at 11:21:55 (EST) 

About the A-Max 75 grain...

I would recommmend the 75 BTHP for social work. The A-Max has not been tested against barriers and gelatin yet. What looks like a V-Max/Ballistic Tip may not act like one.

My current load for the 75s is 23.8 WW 748 loaded to a OAL of 2.250 for the BTHP and 2.390 for the A-Max. This is straight out of the data sheet sent to me from Hornady.

Since most don't have the sheet, here is the mins/maxes for different powders....

IMR 3031 20.0 to 21.5
N135 20.9 to 22.1
AA 2495 20.0 to 22.3
AA 2520 20.7 to 22.8
H4895 20.9 to 23.3
N540 22.1 to 24.0
N140 21.8 to 24.0
VARGET 21.5 to 24.0
WW748 21.7 to 24.0
RL-15 21.7 to 24.0
BLC-2 22.8 to 25.6

No Ballistic Charts are available at this time, but (if you have a ballistics computer) the BC is:

.395 for the BTHP
.435 for the A-Max

SC's are both .213


Bruce Braxton <>
College Park, GA USA - Friday, December 18, 1998 at 17:21:28 (EST) 

Just for the record and possibly anyone else so inclined. I have a .223 VSSF Rem. With a factory 26" barrel that has served to shoot around .5 to .75 with full resized and factory ammo. I sometimes would beat that if I would seat out a bit more than my AR-15 clips would allow but anyway it was heavy to handle in a (tactical coyote) situation. (you see coyotes can count coup) I decided to cut off 6" and was sweating the flutes. it looks a bit funny at first but the first group out of the box was .21". There is something about a 20" barrel in this caliber! My Bushmaster AR 20" stock will shoot .5 to 5/8 also.
Or is that my imagination. Anyway it has become quite handy now!Tackies take note. By the way In case your interested I did it with a "chop saw" and counter sunk the crown with a cone shaped dremmel tool.
Nothing like precision work. We have crowning tools but we wanted to see how much difference there really was. Now we're afraid to proceed to the special tools for fear of ruining it. Speed about 3100fps. 55 grain V-max with Varget load on the can. Get back Wiley you perp!

B.Rogers <>
USA - Monday, February 22, 1999 at 13:57:00 (ZULU) 

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