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Ammunition - Hornady TAP:

I received the test results for the Hornady TAP Ammunition yesterday. As promised, this is a brief summary of the results of the .308 168 grain. The test was conducted using calibrated gelatin prepared in accordance with Fackler's procedure. The ammunition was fired in a Winchester M70 25.25" heavy barrel.
Muzzle velocity: 2675 fps
total penetration: 15.75"
Entry: .50"
Depth to Max Cavity: 5"
Max temporary Cavity: 5.50"
Retained Weigt: 91.1 gr
Percent fragmentation: 46
When fired through .205" automative safety glass, penetration was 10" with 100% fragmentation. There was a .200 deflection from point of aim when fired at glass 48.5 feet from the muzzle. I was disappointed that the test data included the temporary cavity measurement and not the permanent cavity measurement. Tissue is very elastic so the temporary cavity does not really matter, the most important measurement is the permanent cavity (wound channel) data. The Hornady representative earlier reported that they moly coat this bullet and use it in their moly coated match grade .308 so this is a good choice for those who try to exclusively shoot moly coated ammo (like me). These test data was provided by Mr. Palmer at Hornady ( The data package also included test data from the three .223 TAP loadings.

Jack McC.
Jack McC. <>
Lawrenceville, GA USA - Tuesday, November 10, 1998 at 11:41:41 (EST) 

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