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Selecting a .308 Semi-auto:

308 semi's in perspective, or, an effort in futility?

Looks like the STG/L1A1 and the M1A are in the lead. The prices for a quality STG are in the same range as the M1A but the mags are cheaper. The M1A has better iron sights. The STG has less moving parts and gas adjustment. What's a mother to do? Before I take a dive, please indulge a couple more questions:

If I get the M1A loaded package, is the night vision scope offered with the loaded deal any good? Definitely not interested in the Springfield scope or mount unless I get the NV.

If I get the L1A1, what other accessories/parts do I need to figure on purchasing, other than mags of course?

I really don't care to scope this weapon unless I go with NV on the M1A1. Have enough invested in scoped bolt guns now. This will be just a field rifle to compliment the PSS.

Bolt now lets this ordeal rest, know you're glad of that!

Bolt Out!

Bolt <>
USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 02:15:01 (ZULU) (your host address:

Bolt and non-bolt gun options:

On FAL must-have spares, there realy isnt too much outside of mags that you need. The one special tool I would recomend would be the one needed to pull the extractor, which in the FAL scheme of things would appear to be an armorer rather than end-user task. There are several good, sturdy and fairly cheap scope mounts available for the FAL, an impossible combination to find for the M14. You might want one for group testing and ammo selection, if nothing else.

Tom Simpson <>
Colatown, SC, USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 03:10:55 (ZULU) (your host address:

Now settled on STG for the money and the mag cost. Now to pick from the hundred million different combinations. Think the L1A1 is in the lead, couple of good ones for sale on GunsAmerica if anyone wants to preview them for me, hint hint hint!

Bolt <>
USA - Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 23:52:01 (ZULU) (your host address:

Hate to EVEN bring this up, but.........I have heard that the L1A1's (BRIT), have in the past been prone to problems.

If I remember correctly, feeding and jam's were the issue.

You would be wise indeedy, if you get some feedback from a FEW people who have run these dude's.

Are there any Brit's,that post here?.

That would have the working knowledge of these units.

Again, no concrete article I can put a finger on, but do remember a problem area w/ them.( maybe rectified, don't know).

for what it's worth......Two Shoes
Two Shoes <>
USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 02:02:09 (ZULU) (your host address:

To my knowlege, the L1A1 is no more or less inherantly reliable than a metric FAL. In fact the Commonwealth variants have additional clearance cuts in the reciever andd bolt carrier to make the gun more crud-tolerant. The major issue with a true L1A1 is that they use a rather different magazine that is much less common that the metric mag. To further complicate things, IMBEL receivers are avaialble with both inch (from Century Arms, on sale this month for $210) and metric (about everywhere else) mag wells. Make sure that, whatever you get, it take METRIC magazines.

Oh, two additional FAL gizzies that I thought I might mention as worth having: an Israeli cocking handle (it's larger and gives you a forward bolt assist) and a Commonwealth-pattern top cover with open front and integral stripper clip guide. The latter requires two slight mill cuts to the standard metric receiver to fit but otherwise slides right on.

Bolt, when you say that you want a "L1A1", just what do you mean? If you mean that literaly, the be advised that many L1A1 and C1A1 parts sets on the US market are in relativly poor condition compaired to the StG-58 parts sets. As for the Indian parts that somoetimes pop up, dont bother. There are actualy fout different specs for FAL parts out ther in the world: Inch, Metric, Israeli (mostly compatible with Metric but with a few excpetions) and Indian. These last were made without licence from FN from a handful of backwards-engineered rifles and are their own little world dimentionaly.

Personaly, I would focus on getting a known-good basic rifle first (IMBEL and StG-58, hold the pickle, hold the mayo) and *then* we can talk about how to set it up *just* for you. :)

Tom Simpson <>
Colatown, SC, USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 03:38:40 (ZULU) (your host address:

Boltster dude: I can't speak for the Brit L1A1, since I've never had one, but there ARE very SUBTLE differences between the StG, L1A1, C1, R1, etc. Terry is right on, from what I was told. If you talk to Mark Graham at Arizona Response Systems (which I would do, even if you don't buy from him, he's a WORLD of knowlege on that rifle!) the best of breed seems to be the StG's put together on a good receiver. Don't go keeping that bolt gun for a battle rifle, after all, you can manipulate the bolt on a bolt gun as quick as you want ;-)

PeteR: If I could FIND a BM-59, and AFFORD the mags, it'd be quite the rifle! I've had the pleasure of playing with one for an hour or so (my ammo), but I had to leave it with it's owner. You jest, but if I thought I could get away with it for real, I'd take a rack grade M1A or FAL out there. You get the idea I love John Garand and his many decendants?

All right, I'll "go with the flow" and do the CAR type. Just don't think that this makes me a victim of peer pressure! After all, I was told M1A's won't do what mine does either ;-) And as a SUPER wise man on the M-14's said very recently, it's surprizing how many times you hear someone calling for a AR armorer at the national matches, and it's also surprizing how many times you DON'T hear someone calling for a M-14 armorer.

Mike: I was told that it was the PT superstars that ordered and had delivered via APO something like a dozen of them. Will I stand up and say that? Well, I'll stand up and say that was what I was told..... Oh, and what's the best weight and material for slingshot pellets? JOKE!!
Don't let those guys talk you out of your guinsu knife material this time.

Bravo <>
the state next door to where handgunners will have to be fingerprinted, USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 03:48:09 (ZULU) (your host address:

With regards to the semi auto 308. About a year i researched most of the available semi 308's and came to the conclusion that the G3 copies are worth the money.

I mounted a scope on mine and shoot MOA at 100yds easily with federal ammo. I believe the rifle (Century FA91) is capable of shooting close to MOA at 300yds. The scope that is on it is not the best. I am planning to upgrade, however my Rem 700 shoots better and better for every dollar I spend on it....

So in my opinion for less that $1000 i got exactly what I was looking for. Which included rifle, scope, rings and a case. I haven't had any problems with it yet.

bryan <>
CA, USA - Wednesday, August 02, 2000 at 05:50:17 (ZULU) (your host address:

Please excuse my breaking in on this STG by DSA vs M1A thing but I don't recall anyone commenting about reliable quality ammunition supplies or optics mounts.
Re: optics mounting---
If mounting heavy optics on the rifle is a priority, perhaps the M1A is the way to go. I have not yet heard anything about how well DSA's
bolt-on optics mount for the upper receiver stands up to unintended abuse.
Any info on this?
Re: Good ammunition---
The present political situation does not inspire confidence in a
reliable future supply of good quality ammunition.
A civilian- and perhaps some law enforcement - may be best served by the adjustable gas system of the DSA- brand STG.
I see all sorts of posts on the Armalite site about people changing ammunition brands and experiencing feed/cycling problems- due mostly to the non-adjustable gas system.
I don't know how sensitive the M1A is to ammunition.
I've been out of the firearms hobby for a number of years and never bought or had a chance to try one of these tools- or toys; your preference.
I stumbled into this site while looking for aerial photos-
one site led to another then to a Marine Corps site and then this one. No aerial photos, but interesting stuff nonetheless.
Hope I didn't re-hash anything you folks have already talked to death.
Oh yeah, my vote.
I'd buy a DSA STG and remove the the muzzle break and shorten the barrel to the carbine length.
I don't see any sense in having a muzzle break on a gas cycled rifle in .308.
Percy Blakeney <>
"OOO-SSS-AAA" - Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 15:59:54 (ZULU) (your host address:

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