Abbreviations and Acronyms 

The following is a Compendium of Abbreviations and Acronyms that you will encounter on this site, or during discussions related to the subjects on this site.  We realise that some of these will only have meaning to our United States visitors, but place them nontheless, as this is where most of our visitors originate from.  As such, these abbreviations and acronyms may be used from time to time on the site.  We will keep it up-to-date, and any comments and/or suggestions are welcome.
Marius Ferreira

AARTY    Army artillery
ADAM     Artillery delivered antipersonnel mine
AJHP     Aluminium Jacketed Hollow Point ( Bullet )
ALICE    All-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment
AM       Amplitude modulation
AO       Area of Operations
AP       Antipersonnel OR armour piercing
APFT     Army physical fitness test
APICM    Antipersonnel improved conventional ammunition
ARNG     Army National Guard
ART      Adjustable ranging telescope
ARTEP    Army training and evaluation program
ATB      Appears to be

BC       Ballistic Coefficient
BDU      Battle dress uniform
BMNT     Beginning morning nautical twilight
BMG      Browning Machine Gun
BPE      Black Powder Express
BRASS    Breathe, relax, aim, slack, squeeze
BT       Boat Tail ( Bullet )

C       Degrees Centigrade
C2       Command and control
CA       Civil Affairs
CALFEX   Combined arms live-fire exercise
CARVER   Criticality, accessibility, recuperability, vulnerability, effect, recognizability
CAS      Close air support
CBT      Combating terrorism
CF       Centerfire
CLP      Cleaner, lubricant, preservative
CP       Command post OR Concrete piercing
CQ       Close quarters
CSAR     Combat search and rescue
CT       Counter-terrorism
CUP      Copper Units of Pressure

DA       Department of the Army: direct action
DOD      Department of Defence
DTG      Date-time-group
DPICM    Dual-purpose improved conventional ammunition
DZ       Drop zone

E&E      Escape and evasion
ECM      Electronic countermeasures
EDGE     Emergency deployment readiness exercise
EEI      Essentials elements of information
EENT     Ending evening nautical twilight
EPW      Enemy prisoner of war
ER       Eye Relief
ERP      End-route rally point

F        Fahrenheit
FDC      Fire direction center
FEBA     Forward edge of the battle area
FFP      Forward firing position or Final Firing Position
FID      Foreign internal defence
FLOT     Forward line of troops
FM       Frequency modulation
FMJ      Full Metal Jacket ( Bullet )
FN       Fabrique Nationale OR Flat Nose ( Bullet )
FO       Forward observer
Fps      Feet per second
ft/lbs   Foot Pounds
FTX      Field training exercise

GP       General purpose
GPS      Global positioning system
GR       Grain
GW       Guerrilla warfare

HA       Humanitarian assistance
HE       High explosive
HELR     High-efficiency, low-reflection
HF       High frequency
HP       Hollowpoint ( Bullet )
HPBT     Hollow-point Boat Tail ( Bullet )
HUMINT   Human intelligence

IAD      Immediate action drills
IAW      In accordance with
IR       Information requirement
IRP      Initial rally point

JHP      Jacketed Hollow Point ( Bullet )

KIM      Keep in memory.  Exercise game named after the Rudyard Kipling Novel of the same name

LBE      Load-bearing equipment
LE       Law Enforcement
LOC      Lines of communication
LOS      Line of sight
LR       Laser range finder
LSA      Lubricating oil, weapons, semi-fluid
LSR      Light sniper rifle
LZ       Landing zone

Mag      Magnum
ME       Muzzle energy
MEDEVAC  Medical evacuation
METL     Mission-essential task list
METT-TC  Mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, and civilians
MILES    Multiple integrated laser engagement system
mm       Millimeter
MMPI     Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory
MOA      Minute of angle (1.0472" at 100 yards)
MOPP     Mission oriented protective posture
MOUT     Military operations on urbanized terrain
MPH      Miles per hour
MRE      Meals, ready to eat
MRT      Mid Range trajectory
MSR      Main supply route
MSS      Mission support site
MTP      Mission training plan
MTT      Mobile training team

NBC      Nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO      Non-commissioned officer
NE       Nitro express
NGF      Naval gunfire
NOD      Night observation device
NSN      National stock number
NVD      Night vision device

O/U      Over-and-under
O-T      Observer-target
OAL      Overall Length
OCOKA    Observation and fire, concealment and cover, obstacles, key terrain, and avenues of approach
OIR      Other intelligence requirements
OP       Observation post
OPCON    Operational control
OPFOR    Opposing forces
OPORD    Operation order
OPSEC    Operations security
ORP      Objective rally point

P50      Platoon sergeant
PD       Point-detonating
PFC      Private first class
PIR      Priority intelligence requirement
POA      Point of aim
POC      Point of contact
PoH/PH   Probability of Hit
POI      Point of impact OR program of instruction
PRC      Populace and resources control
PSG      Platoon sergeant
PSP      Pointed Soft Point ( Bullet )
PSYOP    Psychological operations
PZ       Pickup zone

QRF      Quick-reaction force

RAMS     Remote anti-armour mine system
RAP      Rear area protection OR Rocket assisted projectile
RBC      Rifle bore cleaner
RECONREP Reconnaissance report
RF       Rimfire OR Radio frequency
RFA      Restrictive fire area
RGT      Running Game Target
RN       Round Nose ( Bullet )
ROE      Rules of engagement
RSTA     Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition

S1       Adjutant
S2       Intelligence officer
S3       Operations and training officer
S4       Supply officer
SAAMI    Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute
SA       Security assistant
SALUTE   Size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment
SAR      Search and rescue
SAW      Squad automatic weapon
SCBS     Shooter's Choice Bore Solvent
SD       Sectional Density
SEO      Sniper employment officer
SFC      Sergeant first class
SGT      Sergeant
SHELREP  Shelling report
SIR      Specific information requirements
SITREP   Situation report
SM       Smoke munitions
SO       Special operations
SOF      Special operations forces
SOI      Signal operation instructions
SOP      Standing operating procedure
SOTIC    Special Operations Target Interdiction Course
SP       Spire Point ( Bullet )
SPC      Specialist
SPIES    Special patrol insertion/extraction system
SPOTREP  Spot report
SR       Special reconnaissance
SSO      Sunrise/sunset overlay
STAB     System for extracting personnel by helicopter
STANAG   Standardization agreement
STANO    Surveillance, target acquisition, and night observation
STX      Situational training exercise
SWAT     Special Weapons And Tactics
SWS      Sniper Weapon System

TAC      Tactical air command
TC       Training circular
TFFP     Tentative final firing position
TM       Technical manual
TOC      Tactical operations centre
TOW      Tube-launched, optically tracked wire-guided missile
TRC      Training readiness condition
TAP      Target reference point

UKD      Unknown Distance
U.S.     United States
USAF     United States Air Force
USAR     United States Army Reserve
USASFC   United States Army Special Forces Command
USC      United States Code
USMC     United States Marine Corps
USN      United States Navy
UW       Unconventional warfare

VLD      Very Low Drag ( Bullet )

WP       White phosphorus

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