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Ballistics/Wound Ballistics

Last Updated:    17 July 2000

Ballistics in Perspective
Mike Lagrange / Paperback / Published 1990

Bullet penetration : modeling the dynamics and the incapacitation resulting from wound trauma
Duncan MacPherson / Hardcover

Gunshot Wounds : Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics and Forensic Techniques
Vincent J. Di Maio, Vincent J. Di Maio; Hardcover
Gunshot Wounds : Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques (CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investi)
Vincent J.M., M.D. Di Maio / Hardcover / Published 1992

High Velocity Missile Wounds
M.S Owen-Smith

The Hunter's Guide to Ballistics: Practical Advice on How to Choose Guns and Loads, and Use them Effectively
Wayne Van Zwoll (Author) / Paperback / Published September 2000

Modern Practical Ballistics
J. Pejsa / Paperback / Published 1991

Understanding ballistics : basic to advanced ballistics -- simplified, illustrated, and explained
Robert A. Rinker
Understanding Ballistics
Robert A. Rinker / Paperback / Published 1998

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