Atglen Sportsmen's Club in Atglen, Pennsylvania

Located off Route 41 North past Avondale, about twenty minutes past the intersection of Route 41 and Route 1.

Features two rifle ranges, one with 25/50/100 meter ranges and the second up to 500 meters.  There are plans to expand the 500 meter range to 600 meters pending acquisition of nine acres adjoining the club in the next year.  Sighting gongs are available up to 300 meters on the 500 meter range.

No restrictions on rapid fire; however, automatic weapons are prohibited.

Membership is $75 for first year, $55 for each subsequent year -- new members must attend a membership meeting (held monthly on the second Tuesday of each month) to join up.

Other facilities include indoor range, 25 meter handgun range with bowling pin table, dedicated blackpowder range, archery range, skeet field and sporting clays.

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