LACALM 1200 yards fullbore range in France

This is a message for the snipers and long range shooters community.

Take a map of the world, find France, go to the south of France close to SPAIN, you will find a town named Toulouse, go 100 kilometers north you will find a town named Cahors.

Around Cahors there is a project to create a shooting complex of 2 kilometers by 2 kilometers.

On the site of  LACALM there will be a 1200 yards shooting range.  With all the facilities for the shooters and their families.

Possible activities :
  • Target and match rifle
  • 300 m ISU
  • Speed shooting (semi auto weapons allowed in France)
  • Pistol shooting (ISU, IHMSA ;Practical, MLAIC, etc)
  • Ball trap
  • Practical Rifle
  • Practical shotgun
  • 50 rifle shooting
  • To visit :
    • You are close to SPAIN
    • 3 hours from the Mediteranean Sea
    • 4 hours from the Atlantic Ocean
    • In the middle of a region known to have some of the best food and wine in France
    • In a region full of history (Rocamadour city of the XII th century, Saint Cirq La Popie, etc)

    The project should be achieved by January 2001.

    Any person interested in more informations concerning possible accomodations, activities, can send mail to the LACALM 2000 Association 26, Avenue de la Roseraie 31500 TOULOUSE France or E-mail to Phillipe Mullot or fax to 00 33 5 34 25 20 84

    We have actually 50 caravan site to rent on the site at 200 meters of the 1200 yards firing point.

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