Stalk areas

Posted by James Kenyon on October 02, 1998 at 18:36:59:

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"I am a former Force Recon Marine now serving in a Naval Special Warfare reserve Unit. There are three snipers in our unit and we are looking for places to do some stalks in the Sacramento California area. We need places of differing terrain with about 1000 yards to move and places that wont mind the sight of guys in ghuile suits taking shots with blanks (if you can see us at all) any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are new to the area and still establishing ourselves. "

I know of a very good place that you could go down near Lake Elsinore in Riverside county. I know that it is a long ways away. But on the good side you can shoot live ammo if you want and not just blanks. It is my favorite stalking grounds.

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